Friday, March 20, 2009

The Obama garden: a project of the people

It was great to read today's news about the organic garden that the Obamas plan for the White House lawn! This project is the result of a truly grassroots lobbying effort, not only by well known proponents like chef, Alice Waters, but by a groundswell of gardeners and local food advocates all over the country who have called on the Obamas to support local farming through their own example.

Once again, the people lead.

I've been fortunate to have a vegetable garden almost every year and place I've lived since college. Our current yard is quite shaded in the summer, but this winter and early spring, I put in a small salad greens bed in the front yard to catch the winter sun, and it has done well. I installed a second rain barrell yesterday and look forward to the next rain (it's GOT to come sometime....) to see how it works. We have had a compost pile as long as I've been gardening, and since we don't cook with meat, we are able to compost almost all our food waste. With the new single-stream recycling system, we have been able to whittle our throw-away trash down to about half a grocery sack weekly for the two of us. Compared to most of the rest of the world, we still consume and throw away too much. But, we're trying to move in the right direction.

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