Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

on Memorial Day
Commandos storm a humanitarian convoy
while friends prepare a memorial service
for a young woman split by war
divided from herself
prescribed into illness

I met her once. Her gaze was sure.
Tattooed on the outside
About the inside, I learned more today
although I will never know enough

She loved children and animals, they said
She was also angry, "my sister enraged through the end,"
read her poet friend
"She was the single most bad-ass person I knew,"
said another.
In pain, she cared more about the pain of others.

I was told that she was with Tomas Young when he was injured
giving him cigarettes until help could arrive
later, she was shot
and discharged
hurt inside and out
she sent care packages to those still in

We leave Killeen after the Memorial Service
on "Phantom Warriors Highway"
worried about our friend on the boat
who also has traveled this road

A ghost accompanies us, an electric charge
which, as Hart says, never dies and runs through everyone
She is part of us now
powering us on

photo of Lisa Morris and Ann Wright from Under The Hood's flickr site

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