Monday, May 24, 2010

Exposing the Naked Truth about Drill, Baby, Drill

Congratulations to the CodePinkers who followed Diane Wilson's lead in organizing the "Exposing the Naked Truth About Drill, Baby, Drill" demonstration in front of BP headquarters in downtown Houston today. Several CodePink Austin and Dallas activists joined the protest.

Check out this interview with Diane on MSNBC's Dylan Ratigan Show.

The Houston Chronicle also has a good story and video here.

Diane, as a fourth-generation shrimper, knows her beloved Gulf Coast better than most, and she has engaged in numerous acts of civil disobedience in defense of the ecosystem there. As Medea Benjamin says, this horrendous spill may be the planet's last straw. We humans must, in every way we can, support alternatives to an oil-based energy system.

All photos posted above are from the CodePink flickr page, except for the top photo (of our own Heidi Turpin and her remarkable fish costume), taken by AP photographer, Pat Sullivan, as posted on the site of today's Houston Chronicle.


theo_bear said...

Drive less baby, drill less

Editor said...

Oh, I so agree! I stopped driving a car in 1990 because the Persian Gulf War was the last straw for me. It made me grouchy, so I tried to do good.... But, I do take the bus a lot, and of course that uses fuel, too.
I think most people would like to do good when it comes to transportation, but we need more systemic changes -- lots more bike lanes, for example. Thanks for the great bear videos - I like them a lot! Are you the creator? I'll forward your link to my CP friends.